About The Devils Ride

posted: 02/19/13

The Laffing Devils, which was once one of the fastest growing motorcycle clubs in the city, recently splintered off into two separate clubs - the Laffing Devils and new rival club Sinister Mob (Sin Mob for short). Tensions run high between the two groups, who were both out to prove which one deserves more respect.

But when the fueding between the two groups turns violent, it attracts the attention of clubs much bigger than them. A crew of bikers from one of the most legendary 1% clubs in the world sends a brutal message to the Devils and Sin Mob, telling them there can only be one red and gray club in town. The ultimatum leads to direct confrontation between the two clubs, as they fight to earn the respect of the MC world.

Laffing Devils club prez Danny Boy enlists former patched member Sandman, despite his serious legal troubles, and he also takes in his nephew as a new prospect. Rockem continues to push Sin Mob toward a more extreme course of action, and they take on a new prospect too. When negotiations break down, the conflict between the clubs escalates even further, leading to grave injuries and a desert showdown to see which club will wear the red and gray.

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