The Devils Ride: Biker Glossary

posted: 08/06/12

Sure, you likely know what an "ol' lady" is. Perhaps you even use the term. And "brain bucket" is sort of self-explanatory.

But we're reasonably sure you didn't know that a "rumble" is what the Laffing Devils call their club meetings.

And so, we've collected some common terms you'll hear in The Devils Ride in one place at one time for your convenience.

Brush up on your biker-ese.

1%ERS: A term for the members of outlaw motorcycle clubs derived from a statement by the American Motorcycle Association (AMA) that 99% of motorcyclists are law- abiding.

APES/APE HANGERS: Handlebars that are very high, raising the rider's hands above his shoulders. (Also called "smell me bars.")

BACK PACK: Full club colors tattooed on a member's back.


BUG: A big ugly guy.

CUTS: The vests that the club member and prospects wear.

CAGE: A car. truck, van ... any vehicle other than a motorcycle.

CHURCH: What most clubs call their meeting. (The Laffing Devils call theirs a "rumble.")

COLORS: The patches and logos associated with a specific motorcycle club.

HANG AROUND: A person who "hangs around" the club because they are interested in becoming a member.

LDC: "Laffing Devils Crew," or the board of elected officers (Prez, V-Prez, SA, Trez, Sec.)

MC: A motorcycle club.

NOMADS: Bikers who ride where they want and don't claim a territory. These can be a threat to some clubs, who claim regions as their territory.

OL' LADY: The wife or steady girlfriend of a club member.

PATCH IN: To make someone a member of the club.

PATCH OVER: When one motorcycle club takes over another.

PROSPECT: Once the club decides a "hang around" is the right fit for the club, he moves up to "prospect" status. Prospecting for a club can take as long as a year before he is patched in.

RUMBLE: A club meeting. Although the Laffing Devils use this term, most motorcycle clubs refer to these meetings as "church."


SKID LID: A helmet. (Also known as just a "lid.")

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