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posted: 07/22/13


Episode 12: Death by Moonshine

When the owner of Tickle's stolen shine finally catches up with him, it's going to take a miracle to make it out of this one alive...even if he's already pretending to be dead. Tue Oct 22 9:30/8:30c.

VIDEO: Season One Highlights

Episode 11: Shine-Squatch

Tickle's mysterious enemy is getting closer. When hiding in the carriage house and living off of moonshine fails, it's time for one last desperate attempt at fast cash. Tickle, Meg, Howard, and Mo pursue three separate schemes. NEW TIME: Tue Oct 22 9/8c.

VIDEO: Tickle's School of Life

Episode 10: Drinks on the House

Megan makes a commercial for Tickle's Tackle to squash the growing suspicion that the store is a front for a moonshine operation. Mo's big-money dream leads Tickle and the boys to open a casino in the warehouse behind the store. Premiered Tue Oct 15.

VIDEO: Moonshine Casino

Episode 9: White Lighting Fast

With his shine and money dwindling, Tickle needs some cash. A local auto race is offering a cash prize so the guys sink their remaining capital into a race car. Tickle's old partner, Tim, shows up with a better car and a burning need to beat Tickle. Premiered Tue Oct 8.

VIDEO: Moonshining Legend Makes a Surprise Appearance | One Tough Lady

Episode 8: Drunk History

Tickle tries to make some extra cash by giving historic bus tours to senior citizens. Meanwhile Howard and Mo deal with the not-so-secret news of Megan's pregnancy and throw her a party for the record books. Premiered Tue Oct 1.

VIDEO: A Little Shine Goes A Long Way | Tickle's History Tour | Winding It Up On the Golf Course

Episode 7: Shined, Sealed, Delivered

Hoping to bribe their way out of trouble, Tickle and the boys create a discreet delivery service to raise cash. Their motto is "No Questions Asked," but they should have asked themselves if this was really a good idea. Premiered Tue Sep 24.

VIDEO: Drunk as a Fish | It's Go Mo Time at the Pig Rodeo!

Episode 6: Whiskey Boom

Shine sales are booming and the cash is burning a hole in Tickle's pocket, so he decides to have an "explosively" fun birthday party for his dad. Meanwhile, Megan and the guys have a shoot out to determine who gets to be in charge while Tickle is away. Premiered Tue Sep 17.

VIDEO: Selling 'Shine, Stashing Cash | Mason Jar Shoot-Off | Happy Birthday, Mr. Tickle (bonus scene)

Episode 5: Drunk as a Fish

Tickle and the boys agree to host a fish fry for charity. Armed only with their hands, wits and plentiful moonshine the boys set out to catch their limit. Megan struggles to sell tickets to the fundraiser, until she thinks of a way to sweeten the pot. Premiered Tue Sep 10.

VIDEO: Drunk as a Fish | Tickle's School of Life: Beer or Bacon?

Episode 4: Spirits in the Spirits

Tickle's Tackle is now open and the 'shine is selling fast, but a few bumps in the night have everyone thinking the shop is haunted. Tickle must act fast and convince his 'shine customers that the only spirits in his shop are the kind you drink. Premiered Tue Sep 3.

VIDEO: Megan and the Crazy Horse Lady (bonus scene) | Shine's the Only Thing Sellin' | Tickle's Store May Be Haunted | Tickle's School of Life: How to Succeed in Business

Episode 3: Cars, Crossbows, and Corn Liquor

Now that the shine is safely in Tickle's warehouse, the boys make a pact to keep a low profile and not flash their cash, but the pile of third-rate bric-a-brac Tickle has used to fill his shop provokes suspicion in new secretary, Megan. Premiered Tue Aug 27.

VIDEO: Opening Day at Tickle's Tackle | Megan is Not Impressed

Episode 2: Hiding the Hooch

With a load of moonshine sitting on his lawn, Tickle is a sitting duck. Now he's facing the task of transporting it to his new warehouse without alerting the law, the shine's rightful owner, or his new secretary Megan. Premiered Tue Aug 20.

VIDEO: The Drunk Monkey | How to Keep the Ladies Happy

Episode 1: Whiskey Windfall

While hunting, Tickle stumbles upon and steals a hidden stash of moonshine. Now, he's desperate to cover his tracks before the shine's rightful owner comes knocking. A closed-door consultation with local legend Grandpa Bill can provide direction, but at what cost? Premiered Tue Aug 13.

VIDEO: Stolen Moonshine | Beware Grandpa Bill

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