Beat Schwaller

posted: 03/05/14
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Beat has an infectious laugh and serious temper. He takes enormous artistic pride in his work, labouring over every log as if it were his own. His father is a nuclear physicist and Beat's own IQ is off the charts, which comes in handy with the precise nature of log home building. Beat's work tends to be the most creative in the group and he even dabbles in chainsaw carving.

While Beat calls working for Pioneer a "dream job," there's no denying the danger that goes along with it, "sharp tools, chainsaws, walking 40-feet in the air on an icy beam catching thousand-pound-logs - every day you can get killed," he says. While they all laugh about it now, Beat once shot himself in the arm with a nail gun. After the agony of pulling out the nail he accidentally shot himself with a second nail in the same arm only a few minutes later.

A practical jokester through and through, one of his finer moments saw him hide an extra log corner in a shipment Bryan Sr. was setting up. When Senior got to location he spent hours trying to figure out what to do with the extra logs that weren't on the packing list, all the while worrying the whole house might come tumbling down.

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