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Brett Tutor

posted: 10/24/16
Brett Tutor

The newest member of the team, Brett Tutor is a survival and security expert who has led adventure missions all around the globe, from African deserts to Amazonian jungles.

He is ex-Air Force and was made in charge of 60 men on his very first day of basic. But Brett's experience goes far beyond the military: he is a former certified tactical SWAT Medic, a wildlife expert, a mixed martial artist, experienced carpenter, licensed rain water system installer and a licensed septic system installer - all skills that are tested to the limit on this expedition. He is a songwriter and guitarist with The Tutor Brothers Band and also a dedicated humanitarian. Brett puts his global experience to good use by launching a non-profit called Off the Grid International that provides clean water and sanitation to people living in some of the most remote places in the world.

Though Brett had no treasure-hunting experience prior to this mission, he has now totally caught the gold bug. And despite his long-standing background as an adventurer, he unhesitatingly says that tracking down the Treasure of the Trinity was the most adrenalized and dangerous expedition he has ever been on. And he can't wait to do it again.

Instagram: @BrettTutor

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