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Captain Keith “Cappy” Plaskett

posted: 06/29/15
Captain Keith
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Captain Keith "Cappy" Plaskett
Captain Keith "Cappy" Plaskett

Capt. Keith "Cappy" Plaskett has had a long, illustrious career in the armed forces, having served in many wars, including Vietnam and Iraq. He joined the military right out of school and took on some of the most dangerous assignments, including disposing mines and bombs, paratrooping and diving as a Navy "frogman." He later became a sea captain and served on missions to protect several U.S. Presidents. More recently, Capt. Keith taught classes on terrorism and bomb dismantling.

Besides his military background, Capt. Keith also has a great deal of experience with underwater excavations and archeology. He currently lives and works in Peru, finding and documenting underwater shipwreck dives. He is also collaborating with the Peruvian government to develop an underwater archeology program to help preserve their archaeological heritage.

It is his ability to handle extremely treacherous conditions and his passion for locating and preserving lost antiques that convinced him to sign up for this dangerous treasure hunt. But when Capt. Keith is not searching for ancient fortunes, he works with underprivileged children in San Marcos, Peru who lack basic necessities.

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