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Cork Graham

posted: 06/29/15
Cork Graham
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Cork Graham
Cork Graham

Cork Graham is a veteran treasure historian who has dedicated his life to studying rarely documented histories and searching for lost treasures. Cork has also worked as a combat photographer and a paramilitary officer, having completed sniper training with the Salvadoran Navy Seals.

His passion for ancient fortunes has taken him around the world - and into some very dangerous situations. In the early 80s, at the age of 18, he participated in a covert search for Captain Kidd's treasure off the coast of Vietnam. He and his team were captured and accused of being spies. As a result, he spent almost a year in solitary confinement in a Vietnamese prison.

Having now amassed a trove of documents and intelligence on the Treasure of the Trinity, Cork is well-versed in solving ancient clues and deciphering Jesuit maps. And this has made him more certain than ever before that the massive Incan hoard of gold and silver will not escape his grasp. And finding it would help Cork fulfill a lifelong dream - creating a vocational school and sanctuary for combat veterans struggling with homelessness and PTSD.


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