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Dr. Bryan Fry, Herpetologist

posted: 06/29/15
Dr. Bryan Fry
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Dr. Bryan Fry
Dr. Bryan Fry

Aussie Bryan Fry has 25 years of experience dealing with deadly reptiles and the battle scars to prove it. He's been bitten by snakes 26 times, yet eagerly keeps coming back for more. At the age of four, Bryan told his parents he was going to make working with venom his career.

Bryan's line of work has taken him to dozens of beautiful places, but not without a price. He's had many near-death experiences, including being swept out to sea while diving, over two dozen snake bites, 3 stingray stings, 1 near-fatal scorpion sting while in the Amazon, and 23 broken bones (including his back in three places). On a recent research trip, he was even almost kidnapped in Colombia, but managed to talk his way out of it. For Bryan, who was recently inducted as a member of the Explorers Club, it's all in a day's work.

Bryan considers the real treasure of the expedition to be Snake Island's most notorious resident - the golden lancehead viper. He is fascinated by this unique super predator and it has been his life-long dream to encounter and study them in the wild. Bryan's key responsibility is keeping the team safe from this ever-present threat on the island. To do so, he must always keep three steps ahead of the group, clearing their path, while constantly remaining vigilant of hazards below, around, and above them.

Bryan's role as forward scout won't be the only way he stays apart from the team - he's more comfortable with deadly snakes than people. But while he may sometimes rub people the wrong way, he's more than happy to charge head first into any dangerous situation. Snake Island is Bryan's Mecca, and this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a pilgrimage to the holy land.

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