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Emilio White

posted: 10/24/16
Emilio White

Emilio White is an Argentinian naturalist, environmental educator and wildlife photographer who has conducted extensive research on various animals in the Atlantic Forest, from yellow anacondas to jaguars. His experience and research has been sought by many respected organizations, from the National Parks Association to several media companies such as the Discovery Channel, BBC, Granada TV and Wild Horizons.

Emilio considers himself fortunate to have worked with legendary naturalists such as Sir David Attenborough and Jeff Corwin. His wildlife photography has also been published in many magazines and books, including the two he has written on the Atlantic Forest and the forest and the Iguazu National Park.

Emilio believes the hunt for the Treasure of the Trinity was a transformative experience that taught him more about his country's history than ever and sent even an experienced naturalist like him to places he never knew existed. And the team's close encounters with jaguars during the mission convinced Emilio to work on a new book about the apex predator on the South American jungles.

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