Meet Brother JD

posted: 08/27/13

Brother JD is an artist, brought up on the urban funk side of town known as "PG County" in Southern Maryland. Creating rolling works of art since before the age of 5, it all began when he took a hammer to his pedal push car. When his parents asked why he blew out holes all over the body of his car, he said it was to make it look more like the beat up stock car racers he had seen on the dirt tracks.

After graduating high school, JD drove his custom Maverick across the states to seek a new life in sunny California. In a custom 1970 Olds Delta 88, complete with Tijuana tuck and roll interior, JD made his way to L.A. in search of his musical dreams. He studied music and started playing bass for a signed band that toured across the country.

After the road, JD finally met his match with a beautiful girl he met on Venice Beach. With a growing family, and music money tight, he eventually went back to school to study his other passions, cars and metal work.

While working at a local car dealership, Brother JD was still customizing pre-1974 American cars and trucks on the side. This side business eventually became "El Rey's Garage", an actual business where Brother JD could express his natural, uniquely all American "Hillbilly-Hoodrat" style with cars, trucks, bikes, music and culture.

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