Law Enforcement

B.E. Smith

posted: 02/14/13
Weed Country
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Weed Country

60s. He served his country and went to war in Vietnam only to come home with PTSD and a need to escape to the mountains.

Up in the remote outback of the Emerald Triangle, BE (his true name) hunkered down by candlelight, read the Magna Carta, the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights over and over to commit them to memory. He topped that off with a complete and thorough digestion of the California Penal Code. And then he started growing pot.

When the feds moved on his farm with 32 armed marshalls, B.E. stared them down with fellow Vietnam Vets living nearby in the hollow. But they surrendered peacefully and B.E. was carted off to jail for two years.

People like Woody Harrelson came to his defense but he did his time in a very public court battle. B.E. now quietly tends his garden with his sons and his grandson--three generations of pot farmers and not so quietly educates other growers about the fallibility of the law as he sees it.

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