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Matt Shotwell

posted: 02/14/13
Weed Country
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Weed Country

early 30s, Proprietor, Greenwell Cooperative. He is a good looking, charismatic risk taker. He started Greenwell after seeing what pot did for his ailing sister who suffered from cancer the same year as Matt's father.

He went from selling out of the trunk of his Geo Metro in downtown Vallejo to become Solano County's biggest dispensary owner. He's brash and bold and carries a tell-it-like-it-is bravado. Witty and wise beyond his years, he has a WASP-y flavor and brings a deliberate charm to his folly. His dispensary was raided and he was thrown in jail.

While out on bail, he goes north to the Emerald Triangle to try and score more weed to distribute back down in Vallejo. He gets more than he bargained for in his effort to prove his lawyer, family and girlfriend all wrong in trying to rebuild his empire.

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