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Mike Boutin

posted: 02/14/13
Weed Country
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50s, Proprietor, Grace Farms. He's been involved in pot farming for 35 years.

Affable, easy going but with a scrappy side, Mike has real problems with authority. Perhaps it comes from growing up with an overbearing father who was a local deputy. He also has a brother who is a police officer in a neighboring county.

Mike so believes in the medicinal promise of pot that he actually gives away a portion of his crop to patients in need who can't afford it. Since he can't trust the dispensaries, he chooses to risk going to jail by being a direct-to-patient provider which puts him on the highway at the dark of night exposed to cops and thieves.

He's an evangelical Christian who loves country, dogs, guns and weed and cultivates the finest in the region. The poachers agree and several times each summer, Mike has to shoot off guns and run dogs to keep thieves away. He has a fatalistic approach to life and expects to either go to jail or grow old providing the best cannabis to sick people. Nothing in between.

Over the course of a single summer, the cops will shut down his bank account, confiscate his guns and show up on his property when neighbors threaten to invade his land. He makes a tentative deal with Matt Shotwell to distribute some of his weed in Vallejo, an arrangement that doesn't bode well for one of them.

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