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Nate Morris

posted: 02/14/13
Weed Country
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Weed Country

30s. His sleepy blue eyes and golly gee manner nearly betray his astonishing intelligence and steely determination. Nate started growing weed when he was 14 years old. Since then he's developed some of the most potent marijuana on the planet and firmly believes in the medicinal value of marijuana.

Nate is approached by a mother whose 3 year old son suffers from treatment-resistant epilepsy. The boy suffers from 10-12 seizures a day--any one of which could kill him. She's tried a regiment of pharmaceuticals prescribed by her pediatrician--some with side effects such as peripheral blindness, some as heavy as steroid injections, and some that could lead to death.

With no place else to turn, she summons Nate to grow a specific strand of marijuana that doesn't get the boy high but may, in fact, arrest his seizures and give the family some much needed relief. Nate answers the call but immediately faces serious criminal charges that could put him away for life.

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