Wild West Alaska Episode Guide

posted: 04/30/13


Episode 6: The First Annual Beard And Moustache Competition (Friday, May 31 at 10|9c)

When Ken and Phred throw a mustache and beard competition to help promote Wild West Guns, it's truly a hair-raising experience. Jim agrees to build a custom rifle for a river guide, but a dangerous delivery by plane is more than he bargained for.

Episode 5: Bear Problems (Friday, May 24 at 10|9c)

When Wild West Guns has one of their biggest sales ever, it attracts some of Alaska's quirkiest characters and fiercest bargain hunters. Hans' ex-wife needs help protecting her beloved horse from a monster grizzly bear.

Episode 4: The Salmon Are Running and Hans Needs A Date (Friday, May 17 at 10|9c)

Ken ushers his pal Hans into the 21st century by introducing him to the world of online dating - Alaska style. Jim's skill and patience are put to the test when he agrees to guide Phred and her friend deep into the wilds of Alaska.

Episode 3: The Great Alaskan Legend (Friday, May 10 at 10|9c)

When the winner of a hand-to-paw grizzly battle asks Wild West Guns for a special favor, Ken is faced with a tough choice. After Phred convinces Bryan to help some gold miners with routine gun repairs, they end up going way off the beaten path.

Episode 2: The Zombie Salmon (Friday, May 3 at 10|9c)

Wild West Guns gets fired up for an event like no other - the annual salmon cooking competition and garage sale. An Alaskan cowboy turns to the Wild West crew for help training his shooting horses.

Episode 1: The Kodiak Experience (Friday, April 26 at 10|9c)

In the series premiere, Hans gives a woman survival tips for a trip to Kodiak Island, and the Wild West Guns crew sift through a load of guns brought in by Alaska's mustache champion.

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