Yukon Men Returns Tue Sep 2 9/8c, with a Special Sneak Peek Tue Aug 26 9/8c

Yukon Men

Just 60 miles from the Arctic Circle lies a town on the edge of civilization: Tanana, Alaska. This frozen village of 200 people is at the junction of two powerful rivers, with no roads in or out, where wolves howling through the frigid night air remind the residents how isolated they really are.

This year, after a dark and cold Alaskan winter, the Yukon Men emerge to find themselves under siege: a new road threatens to open the town to the outside world, dwindling resources and government bans challenge their hunter-gatherer lifestyle, and a double homicide shakes them to their core.

As the men come together to face these new obstacles, each is also challenged on a personal level. Stan Zurray must figure out how one "retires" in the Yukon and decides to gamble on an old mine deep in the bush. His son Joey, who has long heard the tall tales of his father, must decide if he will follow in Stan's footsteps or blaze a new path. Charlie Wright, who has been the backbone of the town, finds himself in a turf war and looks for higher ground to escape those who will "rape and pillage" the town when the road is paved.

At the end of the day, each man will be pushed to the limit. Pushed to decide: How far will they go to live free? To be a Yukon Man?

In the lead up to the new season, YUKON MEN: WILD LIVES airs Tue Aug 26 9/8c and is packed with sneak peeks of the coming season, previewing the big changes and challenges the men face this year, one of which will alter their lives forever. The Yukon Men will also reveal new and shocking details about the struggles to survive in the Alaskan wilderness – both on and off camera.

Yukon Men returns for a third season on Tue Sep 2 9/8c on Discovery.


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