Son of legendary Captain Phil Harris and new rightful part-owner of the Cornelia Marie, Josh has had his series of hurdles getting to the wheelhouse. After Phil passed, Josh and his younger brother Jake Harris continued fishing, trying to earn enough money to buy the Cornelia Marie but did not succeed. Josh held to his word and kept fishing, while Jake dove deeper into his battle with addiction.

Finally, in 2014, Josh and partner / Co-Captain Casey McManus purchased the boat (with some help from some heavy investors), and Josh returned to the Cornelia Marie to reclaim his seat behind the wheel. Although he's sharing the wheelhouse with Casey, Josh has assumed responsibility for the boat and the fulfillment of their quota and if he wants to keep the multi-million-dollar ship afloat and step out of the shadow of his late father, he’ll need to continue to learn and prove he has what it takes.

Check Out Josh's Vessel

Last opies, Josh's resolve was tested when Captain Keith offered him the position of relief captain on the Wizard while he recovered from his illness. Although it was a great opportunity to learn on another boat, Josh elected to remain on the Cornelia Marie and recommit to his family enterprise. In the face of a streak of bad luck and injuries, Josh endured and hauled in the crab, ultimately reaching their quota without any margin to spare.

Buoyed by the success of last season, will Josh — as the last Harris still fishing — continue to take the reins of the family business and further his family’s legacy?