See Rare Archival WWII Photos from Apocalypse '45

The World War II documentary recounts the stories of 24 men who lived through the events, using never-before-seen footage.

August 03, 2020
By: Discovery

Photo By: PJH

Avenger torpedo bomber from U.S.S Saginaw Bay. President George Bush flew one of these planes during WWII.

U.S.S Franklin, immediately after direct hit from Japanese dive bomber, March 19th, 1945.

Low level strafing, as seen from attacking P-51 Mustang, over Japanese harbor, Summer 1945.

Scene from lost John Ford film footage, Pearl Harbor, April 1942.

Graves being dug after battle of Iwo Jima, Spring 1945. 6,800 Americans were killed on that small island.

“Apocalypse ’45” director Erik Nelson shows Hiroshima survivor Ittsei Nakagawa restored footage from that bombing.

Survivors from the 5th Marine Division, who were in the first wave of the Iwo Jima invasion, October 2020.

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