BattleBots Episodes

S7 E1 8/4/22

Let the Slugfest Begin

There's open warfare in Vegas as the quest for the Golden Bolt begins.
S7 E2 8/11/22

The Slugfest Continues

The bots must beat a Champion to become a Champion.
S7 E3 8/18/22

CHAMPIONS: The Slugfest Part 3

Eight bots duke it out for a chance to take on reigning champion Rotator.
S7 E4 8/25/22

CHAMPIONS: The Slugfest Part 4

Skorpios stands in the way of 8 teams and the Golden Bolt Tournament.
S7 E5 9/1/22

CHAMPIONS: The Final Slugfest

Eight bots slug it out for the final spot in the Golden Bolt Tournament.
S7 E6 9/8/22

CHAMPIONS: The Golden Bolt

Eight BattleBots Champions compete for The Golden Bolt.

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