Deadliest Catch Episodes

S18 E1 4/19/22

Long Live King Crab!

When the government closes King Crab, captains must seek new fisheries.
S18 E2 4/26/22

No Sleep Till Rescue

An injured deckhand fights for his life on the Patricia Lee.
S18 E3 5/3/22

One Hell of a Story to Tell

Rip attempts an impossible rescue. John fights to save the Time Bandit.
S18 E4 5/10/22

Invasive Russian Reds

Sig faces off with a cocky crewman and a greenhorn has a brush with death.
S18 E5 4/30/22

Desperate Measures

Jake and his crew scramble to save the Saga from capsizing after a leak.
S18 E6 4/30/22

Brother in the Bight

A typhoon slams the Cornelia Marie, trapping Shane in the bight.

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