14 Seasons
S2 E1 10/4/19

Bombshells and New Claims

The crew arrives in Porcupine Creek hoping to get on the gold in a hurry. The Hoffmans head north to the Klondike to find a new claim after Dakota Fred drops a bombshell on the team and Parker takes over the Big Nugget Mine.


Episode   1

The Off-Season

Episode   3

Virgin Ground

Episode   4

Family Feud

Episode   5

Slippery Slope

Episode   6

Drill or Die

Episode   7


Episode   8

Gold at Last

Episode   9

On the Gold

Episode   13

Rock Bottom

Episode   14

Bedrock Gold

Episode   15

Man Down

Episode   16

In the Black

Episode   18

Frozen Out

Episode   19

Judgment Day

Episode   20