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Homestead Rescue Episodes

S8 E1 6/17/21

Sweet Homestead Alabama

The Raneys save an 8th-generation family homestead in Alabama.
S8 E2 6/24/21

Mississippi Mayhem

The Raneys teach a Mississippi family how to thrive off-grid together.
S8 E3 7/1/21

A Golden Opportunity

The Raneys convert the Kramers’ old barn into a commercial fishing kitchen.
S8 E4 7/8/21

Stuck in the Mud

Misty and Matt help homesteaders with dirty water and crumbling cabin.
S8 E5 7/22/21

Paradise in Peril

Brain-eating parasites plague a crumbling homestead in Hawaii.
S8 E6 7/29/21

Tropic Thunder

A dangerous flash flood strikes during the Raneys' rescue on Kauai.

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