Mysteries of the Deep with Jeremy Wade Episodes

S2 E1 8/10/22

Shipwreck of Nazi Treasure

Jeremy Wade explores a shipwreck that may contain stolen Nazi treasure.
S2 E2 8/17/22

Mystery of the Ancient Battle

Jeremy Wade explores mysteries behind the ancient naval Battle of Actium.
S2 E3 8/24/22

Shipwreck Ghosts of Mexico

Jeremy Wade explores the dark secrets of a shipwreck in Sisal, Mexico.
S2 E4 6/30/22

Secrets of the MS Estonia

Jeremy Wade investigates the tragic sinking of the cruiseferry MS Estonia.
S2 E5 9/14/22

Titanic Phenomenon

Jeremy Wade explores a ground-breaking discovery behind the Titanic.
S2 E6 9/21/22

Debris of Amelia Earhart

Jeremy Wade explores aircraft debris that may be linked to Amelia Earhart.

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