Puppy Bowl XVII

February 7 2pm ET


There are thousands of animals in shelters across the U.S. in need of good, loving homes. Animal Planet is partnering with non-profit organizations to connect their pet adoption centers directly to our millions of viewers during Puppy Bowl. As seen on Puppy Bowl XVII, these puppies and kittens are readier than ever to find their fur-ever home!

Sugar Plum

Chi-Terrier Mix / 13 weeks

Sugar Plum is playful and gets along well with other dogs. Fun Fact: she likes the attention of the camera.

Shaggy Dog Rescue / Norwalk, CT

Adopt from Shelter


Terrier/ Schnauzer Mix / 12 weeks

Sadie is super sweet and playful. Her nickname is Potato!

Compassion Kind Foundation / St. Petersburg, FL

Adopt from Shelter


Beagle Mix / 5.5 weeks

Rose is very active and eager to explore! She wiggles the most when held and is ready to go go go!

Delaware Humane Association / Wilmington, DE

Adopt from Shelter


Cocker Spaniel Mix / 6 mos

Mugsy is super playful. He loves toys and a little attention and affection.

SPCA LA / Los Angeles, CA

Adopt from Shelter


Corgi/ Border Collie Mix / 4 mos

Lucy is the most laid back of her litter. She’s a curious little explorer and likes to smell everything like a hound.

SPCA of Westchester / Briarcliff Manor, NY

Adopt from Shelter


Blue Heeler/ Lab Mix / 2 mos

Link is very sweet and silly. He loves his stroller rides to keep him safe on walks around town as an underage pup. He is very silly and loves tug of war!

Best Friends Animal Society / Houston, TX

Adopt from Shelter

Jersey Girl

Terrier Mix / 12 weeks

Jersey Girl is a sweet little snuggle bug. She loves to wear sweaters and prance around, and she is very expressive with her face and ears when she is happy.

Charlie's Crusaders Pet Rescue / Sunderland, MD

Adopt from Shelter


Catahoula/ Aussie Mix / 3 mos

Ester is extremely playful, loving, smart, and likes to engage with other puppies. And her hearing impairment doesn’t hold her back, she is full of personality!

Double J Dog Ranch / Hauser, ID

Adopt from Shelter


Beagle/ Labrador Mix / 18 weeks

Enzo is a sweet and playful puppy. He bonds quickly and loves everyone.

AHeinz57 Pet Rescue & Transport / De Soto, IA

Adopt from Shelter


Labrador / 16 weeks

Crowley is high energy and playful. He loves to run and explore and will cuddle every chance he gets.

Miami-Dade County Animal Services / Dotal, FL

Adopt from Shelter


Cattle Dog/ Blue Heeler / 15 weeks

Bandit is a happy and energetic puppy with a brilliant personality. She loves people more than anything and is always thrilled to climb up for kisses and snuggles.

Helen Woodward Animal Center / Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Adopt from Shelter


Domestic Medium Hair/ Manx Mix / 3 mos

Orion is very playful and gets along with other cats, children, and even dogs. He likes to lay on your lap and snuggle and appreciates lots of affection.

CJPAWS / St. Petersburg, FL

Adopt from Shelter


Siamese Mix / 15 weeks

Jill has a quiet personality but is very affectionate. She loves to be cuddled.

Virginia Beach SPCA / Virginia Beach, VA

Adopt from Shelter


Turkish Angora / 10 weeks

Iris is a curious kitten who loves to play with toys and find hiding spots to snuggle. She is vibrant, friendly, and plays well with other animals.

Citizens for Animal Protection / Houston, TX

Adopt from Shelter