5 Seasons

The Repair Shop Episodes

S5 E1 2/22/22

Asko Table, Wind-Up Panda

Steve collaborates with Amanda and Julie on a wind-up panda from the 1960s.
S5 E2 2/22/22

Mascot, Cricket Ball

Suzie and Lucia save a piece of family history in a 1948 cricket ball.
S5 E3 2/22/22

POW Satchel, Spy Catcher Clock

Suzie restores a World War II soldier's blood-stained leather satchel.
S5 E4 2/23/22

Watering Can, Camel Saddle

Suzie and Will tackle a miniature camel saddle from Malaysia.
S5 E5 2/23/22

Toy Cannon, Inkwell, Statue

Steve gets an antique toy cannon from 1907 firing again.
S5 E6 2/23/22

Shell Stool, Wicker Crib

Will repairs a walnut piano stool, and Steve takes on a 1920s speedometer.

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