James Tommy


James Tommy returns for his second season with the Time Bandit. Though his buddy Danny got kicked off the boat, he decided to return.

Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, James is a 35-year-old fishing veteran whose experience mostly resides in the cod long lining and crab fisheries. He first started fishing in Alaska ten years ago when his cousin got him a job up here on a long-liner crabber.

Before his current stint on the Time Bandit, the last boat he worked on up here was the Blue Gatus. James has been on the straight and narrow since a prison sentence when he was 17 years old.

James and Danny Chiu are good friends who go way back and will be bunking together on the Time Bandit.

In his free time he likes to draw freehand and give tattoos.

He is a single dad who has two small children -- a 2-year-old girl and a 1-year-old boy -- that he loves to see when he isn't at sea.

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