Captain Johnathan Hillstrand


Johnathan may wear the raspy exterior of a veteran crabbing captain, but he is truly a child at heart. He runs a generally happy boat -- and a very tight ship. With the dangers posed by the Bering Sea, the safety of his crew has to be his chief concern. There is no room for mistakes when Johnathan is in the wheelhouse.

But that doesn't mean he doesn't like a bit of fun. Notorious for his shenanigans, Captain Johnathan is always looking to spice things up with pranks and friendly competition.

Like his brothers, Johnathan was born and raised in Alaska. Life at sea began at an early age; their father, John Sr., took them out on the boat just after they'd learned to walk. The Hillstrand brothers began fishing at the age of seven.

Johnathan became a full-time fisherman after high school. He has not only been a crab fisherman, but for eight years, he professionally fished for lobster off the New England coast.

Johnathan has two kids, and family is very important to him. John knows his time on the water is running out. After a health scare, he started running and exercising every day, and has done his best to rule out alcohol (as much as he can), but still battles with his smoking addiction.

While it's not all fun and games with the battle-scarred skipper nowadays, Kings season is sure to be scattered with the notorious Time Bandit pranks. Johnathan will often respond with humor, even under duress, always having something to say about everything, no matter how nonsensical it may sound

When he's not crabbing in the winter, you'll find Johnathan fishing for salmon during the summer on board his 38-foot Fishing Fever.

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