Tirey Cordrey


Tirey (named after his grandfather) has fished for seven years. Two years ago, while fishing in Bristol Bay, he asked Sean for a job and the rest is history.

This year will bring a first to his career: crabbing. Though he doesn't think he's green, the Bering Sea will likely bring new challenges to Tirey, no matter how savvy he considers himself.

Despite the fact that he's only worked for Sean a short time, that hasn't stopped Tirey from throwing his full support behind the young captain, who he considers a friend both on and off the boat.

Tirey definitely has the makings of a company man (he moved to Seattle just to be closer to the boat's base of operation). If Tirey is able to handle the inevitable problems that will arise while fishing on the Bering Sea, he could have a job on the Brenna A for years to come.

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