Troy Huls


Troy is a big man with a big work ethic and a ton of experience on crab boats. He started fishing at 19, crabbing at 23 and has lived 42 out of his 45 years in Alaska. He's a large presence on a deck: 6'3'', 240 pounds, "And I ain't fat," he says. Troy still works out 2 hours a day, and is used to long stretches at sea. Before he bought the salmon boats he now runs, he did a 40 month stretch with 20 days off (that's three weeks in more than three years).

Troy also knows boats: he's been an engineer, deck boss and relief skipper. He's finished his captain's school classes and will be certified to run large vessels this winter. Troy is not to be trifled with: big and gruff, he said he knows about the problems on the Cornelia Marie, and is ready to handle them.

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