Samantha Ohi


Samantha is 28 years old who lives in Sharpsville, Pennsylvania.

Samantha is currently a full time mommy & wife and works for GNC part time.

Samantha is currently married and a mother of four children. Her survival skills and expertise had begun to evolve during her younger years when living in Malaysia. There her family lived in a village in Kuala Sungai Baru which they lived directly on the beach. After those years she begun to love the outdoors, nature and fishing. She then was put to the test for survival when she joined the United States Army. She there learned her basic survival skills and how to survive when needed. She had completed two tours in Iraq and half a tour in Afghanistan.

Samantha is also an avid outdoors woman who loves to hunt and fish. She and her husband hunt for their meat for their family. She brings home natural food to her home for her kids. She enjoys archery and shooting her rifle during season. This is only one of her few hobbies Samantha is also an avid fitness woman who loves to run and lift. She constantly is always challenging her body and never quitting. She is also a part of an outdoors group that hunts and fishes together that film their outdoor experiences. Samantha has a deep sense and passion for photography and filming. She loves to use these during all her outdoor excursions.

Samantha feels that knowing how to survive is very important. This is because it brings us to our true roots. To where WE as humans came from. If her ancestors had to learn to fend for themselves then why not do it as well.

Samantha looks forward to the challenge because she wants to test herself, she wants to prove to her husband and kids that she is a survivalist and that anything can be completed as long as you put your heart and soul into what you are doing at that moment! She looks forward to learning and growing as a person as well throughout this experience!

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