Jeremy Whalen


Jeremy Whalen is a veteran treasure hunter, mechanical savant and history buff. Besides hunting down ancient fortunes, he has done everything from engineering ships in Ecuador to metal sculpting in Hawaii to commercial diving in Peru. His vast array of skills makes him the ultimate MacGyver for all mechanical needs on land or on sea.

However, Jeremy's prime expertise is treasure hunting. His skills were cultivated at a young age by his father and uncle. At 14, he received his own metal detector and began prospecting in Alaska, Idaho and Washington State. At just 19, he set out on his first epic journey - a year-long motorcycle trek to Peru. Since then, he has traveled the globe searching for hidden treasures. His expeditions have included prospecting the Andes and the deserts of northern Peru as well as diving for Spanish galleons off the coast of Ecuador.

But he says the most challenging mission of his life is the one he's currently on...tracking down the legendary Treasure of the Trinity. Jeremy's vast experience, deep knowledge of South American history and natural audacity and fearlessness have propelled him to the leadership role for this grueling expedition. While this has also brought on additional pressure, no one could handle it with more spunk and commitment than Jeremy Whalen.

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