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Hafsteinn Karlsson / 500px

Curiosity Daily Podcast: Volcanic Violence, a Salt & Battery, Crustacean Conspiracy

Today, you’ll learn about a massively mysterious volcanic explosion that literally sent shockwaves around the world, how salty batteries are set to sweeten the competition in the energy storage industry, and how scientists have no idea why animals keep evolving into crabs.

April 07, 2022

Episode show notes:

A volcanic eruption off the coast of Tonga affected the entire world.

Scientists are Racing to Understand the Fury of Tonga’s Volcano by Robin Andrews

Tonga Shrouded by Ash and Mystery After Powerful Volcano Erupts By Natasha Frost, Mitra Taj and Eric Nagourney

Experts explain why Tonga eruption was so big by Nick Perry

Why the Tongan eruption will go in the history of volcanology by Alexandra Witze

NASA scientists estimate Tonga blast at 10 megatons by Geoff Brumfiel

Will sodium-based batteries be the future of electronics?

Facts about Sodium by Stephanie Pappas

Sodium - Chemical Element by The Editors of Encyclopedia Britannica

A Brief History of Salt by Time Staff

Sodium Batteries May Power Your New Electric Car by Gregory Barber

Sodium batteries are one step closer to saving you from a mobile phone fire by Robert F. Service

Why do animals keep evolving into crabs?

Animals Keep Evolving Into Crabs, and Scientists Don’t Know Why by Ed Browne

Why everything eventually becomes a crab by Sara Kiley Watson

Animals Keep Evolving Into Crabs, Which Is Somewhat Disturbing by Caroline Delbert

Creature Feature - Haunted Beaches: The Fleet-Footed Ghost Crabs by Andrew Hosie

Coconut Crab Claw Strength Rivals Lion’s Bite, Study Shows by Landess Kearns

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