In Pursuit of Exploration and Discovery Across Our World and Galaxy

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Discovery and The Explorers Club join forces in the name of global exploration, science, and storytelling.

March 12, 2020

Today, Discovery Channel and The Explorers Club announced a new global partnership in the name of supporting exploration, scientific discovery, and telling stories about our world. This multi-year, global partnership will showcase, support, and advance the extraordinary scientific achievements of The Explorer’s Club across Discovery Channel’s global footprint. But what does this mean?

As the exclusive media partner of The Explorers Club, Discovery Channel will provide funding for member expeditions across land, sea, air, and space—giving worldwide audiences the opportunities to experience the epic work and triumphant feats of The Explorers Club members through new series, films, and documentaries on both on-air and digital platforms.

Neil Armstrong pictured with Club President, Dr. Walter A. Wood

Neil Armstrong pictured with Club President, Dr. Walter A. Wood

The Explorers Club was founded in New York City in 1904 by a group of the world's leading explorers of the time. If you haven’t heard about The Explorers Club, you most likely know the iconic achievements of its elite and diverse members including, Astronauts Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong and Sally Ride, President Teddy Roosevelt, Aviator Charles Lindbergh, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, and scientist and conservationist Jane Goodall. For over a century, The Explorers Club has been ground zero to the most important moments in science and exploration and the premier home to individuals seeking to discover places in our world and our galaxy that have never been explored.

On display at the headquarters, the Explorers Club flag that was carried to the Moon on the first lunar landing by the crew of Apollo 11.

On display at the headquarters, the Explorers Club flag that was carried to the Moon on the first lunar landing by the crew of Apollo 11.

Notable achievements by its members include:

  • First to summit Mt Everest (Sir Edmund Hillary)
  • First to the North Pole (Robert Peary)
  • First to the South Pole (Roald Amundsen)
  • First to the deepest point in the ocean (Don Walsh and Jacques Piccard)
  • First to the Moon (Neil Armstrong)
ECAD, 3/16/2019

ECAD, 3/16/2019

2019 Explorer’s Club dinner (3/16/2019)

Photo by: Craig Chesek

Craig Chesek

2019 Explorer’s Club dinner (3/16/2019)

As members continue to break records, push boundaries, and discover new frontiers, Discovery Channel and The Explorers Club will work together on projects highlighting past and upcoming journeys. Last year, the teams collaborated on CONFESSIONS FROM SPACE: APOLLO, which included interviews with members who were recognized at the 50th anniversary of The Apollo moon landing.

This year at their annual dinner, The Explorers Club will honor member Victor Vescovo with the 2020 Explorers Club Medal. Vescovo’s recent record-breaking voyage to the bottom of all five oceans is the subject of the upcoming Discovery Channel series, EXPEDITION DEEP.

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