What You Can't Miss on Discovery This Week

In need of plans next week? We've got you covered! Here's what you can watch on Discovery all week!

Updated on July 06, 2024


8p: Belly of the Beast: Bigger and Bloodier

Join Dr. Austin Gallagher and his fearless team as they deploy a 29-foot whale decoy to attract and study massive great whites in New Zealand. Witness their feeding frenzy as they uncover dominant "Queen Boss" females ruling male-dominated clans.

9p: Jaws vs Leviathan

In New Zealand, a clash of titans is about to erupt: the Great White versus a 60-foot leviathan. Dr. Tristan Guttridge and Kina Scollay simulate epic battles and study orca tactics to discover the ultimate predator.

10p: Makozilla

A spike in attacks on sea lions off the coast of Southern California sends shark researchers searching for an oversized, aggressive mako shark they believe could have family ties to the legendary record-breaking mako called, The Beast.

11p: Sydney Harbor Shark Invasion

Three recent bull shark encounters in the heart of Sydney Harbor leave the city on edge. Shark attack survivor Paul de Gelder returns to the exact location where a bull shark nearly took his life to determine the cause for the spike in attacks.


8p: Big Shark Energy

Shark experts Dr. Riley Elliot and Kori Burkhardt conduct a one-of-a-kind shark competition to determine which male great white is the alpha in the pack. To see who has the most swagger, they test the sharks' speed, hunting ability and fearlessness.

9p: Shark Frenzy: Mating Games

Dr. Craig O'Connell and his team willfully ignite shark-feeding frenzies to uncover whether these violent and chaotic events trigger mating behavior. The results could be the key to ensuring the survival of these crucial apex species.

10p: Great White Serial Killer: Sea of Blood

After fatal shark attacks in 2022 and 2023 off the shore of a Mexican fishing village, shark attack survivor Paul De Gelder joins shark investigator Brandon McMillan to work with locals to ID the killers and help prevent future attacks from happening.


8p: Deadliest Bite

A group of shark experts set out to discover which shark species has the deadliest bite. Using bite force meters, biomedical imaging and a cutting-edge super slow-motion camera rig, they'll document and analyze shark bites like never before.

9p: 6000-LB. Shark

With reports of enormous fat white sharks appearing off the coast of New Zealand, scientists Tom Hird and Leigh de Necker set out to find one of these behemoths and determine if the great white can reach a staggering 6,000 lbs.

10p: Monster Hammerheads: Species X

Dr. Austin Gallagher and his team investigate an aggressive population of hammerhead sharks in Turks and Caicos, which could be an entirely new species.


8p: Great White North

There's a growing population of aggressive white sharks in an unlikely location, Canada. Andy Casagrande heads out on an expedition along Nova Scotia's coast to determine if this new population could be the largest in the world.

9p: Expedition Unknown: Sharks vs. Nazis in Paradise

Just off Florida's coast, Josh Gates braves shark-infested waters in search of an American ship sunk by a Nazi U-boat during WWII. Josh joins Tristan Guttridge who has a bold new strategy to use sharks as spies to uncover the wreck.

10p: Alien Sharks: Ghosts of Japan

Wildlife biologist Forrest Galante explores the alien world of Japan’s oceans. Teaming up with deep-sea shark expert Christina de Silva, they search for the extremely rare Japanese angelshark, the “ghost of the sea.”


8p: Monster of Oz

In southwestern Australia, an unknown predator with a taste for great white and mako sharks ignites fears of sea monsters in the abyss. Filmmakers Dave and Jennene Riggs join Dr. Tristan Guttridge and Rosie Moore to track down the killer.

9p: Caught! When Sharks Attack

Researchers are witnessing an unusual amount of shark aggression and attacks. A team of experts analyzes the most intense shark encounters Caught! on camera, unveiling mysterious new behaviors within these dangerous interactions.

10p: Great White Danger Zone

Alison Towner and her team investigate a new great white hot spot off the coast of South Africa. Equipped with cutting-edge fin cameras, tracking tags and underwater surveillance, researchers unveil unusual behavior in these massive great whites.


8p: The Real Sharkano

Shark advocate and Shark Week star Paul De Gelder is taking a small team to an ultra-remote island of shark-worshiping natives to see if their secret ways of swimming with deadly sharks could hold the secret to humans and sharks living together in peace.

9p: Sharks of the Dead Zone

Dr. Tiara Moore has discovered bull sharks thriving in polluted, algae-filled lagoons. Teaming up with Dr. Craig O'Connell, they study why pregnant females still migrate there and how their pups survive in a seemingly hostile environment.

10p: Shark Attack Island

A South Pacific paradise has become a shark attack hot spot with Bull, Tiger and Great White sharks moving closer and closer to resort beaches. Seven people have been killed in just the last five years, some in knee-deep water only steps from the sand.


8p: Sharktopia

In Indonesia's Raja Ampat Islands, a team of researchers hunt for one of the region's last living leopard sharks. But as they venture deeper into the unknown, the journey brings them face to face with some of the weirdest and wildest sharks on Earth.

9p: Mothersharker: Hammer Time

Researchers Dr. James Sulikowski and Beckah Campbell aim to solve the mystery of where the elusive pregnant scalloped hammerheads give birth using the latest underwater ultrasound and birthing tag technology, and it's closer than you realize.

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