Volkswagen's Factory Produces More Sausages Than They Make Cars Worldwide

Richard Hammond goes to Wolfsburg, Germany, to visit the Volkswagen factory. There, he learns that the plant is the only car factory in the world that also produces its own sausages on-site.

By: Monique Millet

Richard Goes To Wolfsburg, Germany, To Visit The Volkswagen Factory.

He learns that the Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg, Germany, is so large that it has its own on-site sausage factory in order to feed it’s 65,000 employees. It produces more sausages than they make cars worldwide.

Employees Will Eat 2.6 Million Sausages A Year

Back in 1973, the factory decided it was more cost-effective to make the sausages to feed the tens of thousands of workers employed there. Last year it produced 6.8 million sausages - meaning VW produces more sausages than cars annually!

Like The Car Factory, Sausages Are Made In a Production Line

You could say - they’re a Sausage Factory that that happens to produce cars!

Last Step...

Once finished, each sausage is marked with the words “official Volkswagen part’

If Sausages Weren't Enough

They even produce their own ketchup!

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