Photo by: Lerpong Limpiviriyajit / EyeEm

Lerpong Limpiviriyajit / EyeEm

Deserted Locations With Curious Pasts: Mysteries Of The Abandoned Returns For An All-New Season!

By: Discovery

All you need to know about the new season of Mysteries of the Abandoned beginning Thursday, April 14 on Discovery Channel.

April 06, 2022

A luxurious skyscraper in the center of a bustling Bangkok metropolis is now an eerie ghost tower. An enormous war machine lies stranded in a coastal grave along the beaches of Dagestan, Russia. A majestic estate for the rich and powerful now lies abandoned in the highlands of Argentina. With some of the world's most amazing engineering projects now in ruins, MYSTERIES OF THE ABANDONED follows experts as they uncover the stories behind these deserted marvels to reveal their once rich, sometimes mysterious, past and why they were left behind. MYSTERIES OF THE ABANDONED premieres on Thursday, April 14 at 8 PM ET/PT on Discovery and Tuesday, April 19 at 9 PM ET/PT on Science Channel.

Photo taken in Makhachkala, Russia


Abandoned Village Gamsutl in Dagestan.

Photo by: Vitaly Tyuk / EyeEm

Vitaly Tyuk / EyeEm

Abandoned Village Gamsutl in Dagestan.

Travel to Bangkok where a lavish skyscraper in the center of the city is now left to erode while experts discover a devastating financial crisis and a murder mystery that led to the development's demise. Investigate the ruins of an imposing coastal fortress along the beaches of Wales which has been used for many things, including an exotic private zoo. Along the highlands of Argentina, a beautiful estate for the rich and powerful with a troubling past as a lavish resort for elite Nazi German sympathizers now lies abandoned. Explore the sprawling ruins of a luxurious spa resort in the mountains of Romania and uncover its connection to an alleged web of corruption. Experts investigate an enormous war machine stranded on a beach of Dagestan, Russia to uncover the ruins of an experimental Soviet ground-effect vehicle designed to strike fear in Western governments during the Cold War.

All the abandoned and decaying structures from around the world have unique stories to tell and their history sheds light on what was happening in society when they were created. Follow the conversation on social media with #MysteriesOfTheAbandoned, and follow Discovery Channel on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and Science Channel on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more updates.

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