The Tesla Cybertruck was Unveiled and Looks Like it was Beamed in from a Distant Galaxy

By: Alex Leanse and MotorTrend

The Tesla Cybertruck has finally been unveiled, and looks like it was beamed in from a distant galaxy. Check out exclusive Tesla Cybertruck content, only on MotorTrend!

The Tesla Cybertruck has finally been unveiled, and looks like it was beamed in from a distant galaxy. MotorTrend had unprecedented access to the revolutionary electric pickup truck, starting with an exclusive invitation to preview it at Tesla’s top-secret Southern California design studio.

MotorTrend editors were present at the vehicle’s cyberpunk-inspired reveal event, packed with famous movie cars, wild costumes, and throngs of ardent Tesla fans. The MotorTrend team covered every angle of Elon Musk’s laser-lit presentation—mishaps and all. The MT crew also got the world’s very first media ride in the Cybertruck, and provided impressions of what it was like to climb in, buckle up, and experience it from the inside.

The Cybertruck is like no other pickup, and raises as many questions as it answers. MotorTrend’s experts have insights on what it means for the ultra-competitive truck segment and automotive industry as a whole. As part of the comprehensive coverage, MotorTrend evaluates its incredible performance, how it compares to other pickup trucks, if it’ll accelerate quicker than a sports car, and speculates on its massive power potential. Concerns exist that the Cybertruck’s unconventional design will limit its off-road ability, but MotorTrend analyzes that, too. Perhaps most impressive is that its price will undercut many other pickup trucks on sale today—will you reserve one?

There’s a truckload of Tesla content to be enjoyed right now, and more to come. For all of MotorTrend’s exclusive photos, videos, and technical deep dives on the Tesla Cybertruck, head to

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