Follow the Flock - Bird Migration Fun Facts

With winter quickly approaching, many species of birds are preparing for migration

During the colder months, birds make their way south and set up shop in warmer locations all over the world.

By: Leah Weber

Photo By: sharply_done

Photo By: Daniele Carotenuto Photography

Photo By: Ben Cranke

Photo By: Marcia Straub

Photo By: Dennis Govoni

Night Moves

Many species of migratory birds choose to travel at night. (Photo by sharply_done via Getty Images)

Reason for the Season

Birds migrate to survive—moving to warmer climates for food and shelter. (Photo by Daniele Carotenuto Photography via Getty Images)

Go the Distance, or Not

Not all birds migrate—some can sustain in their habitat year-round, but other travel extreme distances for comfort. (Photo by Ben Cranke via Getty Images)


It is still somewhat of a mystery as to how birds navigate their journeys, some birds follow different paths every year. (Photo by Marcia Straub via Getty Images)

First Flight

Some species of birds take their first migration on their own, never before seeing where they are supposed to go, they just know! (Photo by Dennis Govoni via Getty Images)

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