Fur Family Tips from Cat Daddy Jackson Galaxy

When he's not solving cat behavior problems on the Animal Planet's My Cat From Hell, Jackson Galaxy is working on keeping his 14 pets happy.

July 18, 2020

Meet my Animal Family! We have 3 dogs, 7 cats, 1 turtle, 2 chickens, and 1 rooster in my house! From upper left going clockwise, please meet: Mooshka, Pishi, Sammy, Pasha, Lily and Gabby.

My Animal Family continued... From upper let going clockwise, please meet: Penelope, Salvador the Rooster, Mowgli, Audrey, Caroline & Gabby (again). Not pictured: Theo the cat and our backyard hens, Summer and Scarlett.

Neonatal kittens are the most vulnerable of the cat population. Shelters like this one have nurseries to help them around the clock but they need your help! Volunteers are needed and don’t forget, spay or neuter your cats!

I’m always more than happy to bust the stereotypes of cats and dogs being mortal enemies - they can get along. In fact, with your help, they can often be the best of friends!

The best time to introduce humans to kittens is early. During the sensitive phase of development (2-9 weeks of age), kittens learn many important bonding and behavior skills - both with other cats and with humans as well!

One of the most important areas of a cat’s territory is your bed. Because we spend so much time in it, they can complement their scent with ours.

Different cats find their confidence at different heights of the world! Be sure to set up space in your home, both low and high, to help your cat find that spot!

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