Mike has always been a tinkerer and has tried to customize and modify anything he can get his hands on since he was a kid growing up in Compton, CA. Mike even claims he used to carry around a briefcase complete with plush lining, secret compartments, and a working stereo system.

After serving in the Air Force, Mike made a career out of building and wiring outrageous projects and became a household name when his crazy ideas were brought to life on MTV’s Pimp My Ride. He joined Galpin Auto Sports when the show moved from West Coast Customs and has been flexing his creative muscles on Galpin vehicles ever since. From installing a hot tub in a minivan to a Land Rover turned yoga studio, there is no challenge that Mad Mike has failed to meet. As the man himself says, “if it comes out of your mouth, I can do it.”

While Dave is a staunch purist and automotive conservationist, Mike sees every car, jalopy or Jaguar, rustbucket or Rolls Royce, as hunks of metal that can be bent and shaped to create something truly unique. Mike isn’t as concerned with preserving history as he is with making new ones.