Photo by: Emerald Nash

Emerald Nash

Destination: Albania

Expedition: Despite the global interest in sharks and progress in deep-sea research, many life history traits of deep-sea sharks have never been studied. Through an innovative and unique approach, Andrej and his team will explore the ancient sharks, skates and rays that live in the depths where the light is so scattered that there is almost nothing left to detect. For the very first time, data on these fascinating creatures will be gathered. Information on disease development, the presence of microplastics, and responses to environmental pressures will be the focus of this study. Results will shed new light on living conditions and vulnerability, and will be further used for effective climate-smart regional conservation. Because these animals appear more like sharks of the Triassic Period than well-known living species, the team anticipates meeting some of the most bizarre, and interesting species that call our oceans home. Unfortunately, they are facing severe pressures and some are on the edge of extinction – thus, Andrej hopes his work will to contribute to their conservation before it’s too late.