Brad DeBerti looks off into the distance.


Brad DeBerti looks off into the distance.

Brad Deberti is a custom car builder and professional race car driver. Literally raised in a garage, Brad has spent his entire life building one-off cars along side his dad. If it’s made of metal or has a motor Brad’s all over it and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Brad’s passion for cars shows in every one of his builds. Over the past few years Brad has proven to be a true stand-out amongst the premier automotive designers winning several awards - Best in Show, Battle of the Builders, Young Gun Award, and Design Awards.

Brad is just as passionate about building cars as he is racing them. When he’s not building cars he’s racing them. Starting his career just 5 years ago, with zero experience and a relative unknown, Brad shocked the the race community by winning Rookie of the Year in off-road and NASCAR. His dad has instilled in him from a young age the adage, “Chance favors a prepared mind.” and Brad wants to be better prepared than the drivers to his left and right …

When Brad’s not in the shop or racing he enjoys go-carting, tearing it up at the dunes or hanging out in the outdoors … but you won’t catch him in the ocean because he’s deathly afraid of sharks.