Born and raised in Montana, Casey is a wildlife expert with 25 years of experience and a degree in Wildlife Biology from Montana State University.

After graduating college, Casey became a wildlife specialist and traveled the world, a road that took him everywhere from elephant orphanages in Kenya to a showdown with a mountain lion. Casey has also been involved in wildlife filmmaking since 1995, continuing his focus on wildlife and the natural world.

In 2004, he founded the Montana Grizzly Encounter and has rescued 7 bears from inhumane captivity situations. The sanctuary is open to school groups free of charge and thousands of children learn about bear safety and conservation every year. As a television personality, tracker, avid outdoors adventurer and explorer, Casey has made it his mission to bring the wild to the hearts of every generation, instilling a drive to conserve untamed and untouched wild places around the world, using natural history filmmaking as his key tool in doing so. Casey is also the founder and executive producer of VisionHawk, a wildlife film production company.