Doug DeBerti talks with Tim Huddleston before Brad s stock car practice.


Doug DeBerti talks with Tim Huddleston before Brad’s stock car practice.

Doug DeBerti was born and raised in Butte, Montana. Coming from a low income family of 6, Doug made most of his toys for himself, his family and friends. His childhood highlight was going to the dump with his grandpa to gather bike parts to make his own custom bikes.

After High School, with only a couple bucks in his pocket and the shirt on his back, Doug jumped into his old beat up ’59 Chevy Truck and headed west to Bakersfield California. To make ends meet Doug took anything he could find, from flipping burgers, pumping gas, working on a drilling rig, making wood furniture, toys and doing auto tune ups out of his garage.

While maintaining a full time job and working out of his garage, Doug started a small business fabricating custom grills for cars and trucks. This small hobby spawned the birth of Trenz, a custom Billet Grill fabrication shop. Within 2 years there were over 400 grill part numbers invented by Doug and his crew. Over the years that small shop became one of the most advanced after market auto accessory manufacturing plants in North America. Doug and his team invented over 4000 parts.

Doug took his passion for fabrication and design and passed it on to his son Brad. The two have worked side by side in the shop since Brad was 5 years old. Over the years Doug and his ’Twin Turbo’ Brad have amassed many awards and trophies for their custom designs. Doug feels blessed to be able to spend his days working along his son creating new designs and continuing to innovate. When Doug’s not working in the shop he loves jumping on his custom off-road Segway, riding through the backwoods with his dog Jenny. “Oh Jenny !”