Destination: Chile, Hawaii, Arizona, and Space

Expedition: With Apollo nine Astronaut Rusty Schweickart, and other planetary scientists, Dr. Ed Lu, a former NASA astronaut himself for 12 years, co-founded the B612 Foundation to prevent asteroid impacts on Earth. The more we know about the hazards of space, the more we realize how vulnerable the Earth is to these threats from the great beyond. Through this new research, which is set to utilize new-age 4-dimensional mapping of all near-Earth asteroids, Dr. Lu is working to find possible solutions to address the problems of outer space threats with cutting edge technology.

The Explorers Club Discovery Expedition Grant

The Explorers Club, a non-profit world leader in exploration, and Discovery Channel have partnered to create an Explorers Club Discovery Expedition Grant program to further advance significant exploration and scientific discovery. Meet the Grantees, the next frontier of explorers that have been awarded a grant to fund their expeditions.