Honey Bump, Bart’s sister, is 19 years old and was born in January 2000. She and Bart were rescued by an Alaskan State Trooper after a poacher killed their mother, leaving them orphaned in the wilderness. The Alaskan Fish and Game had named the little orphans Hoss and Honey. They were the size of English Bulldogs, but with greater bone mass.

The cubs were cold, hungry, and terrified, when a human wearing welding gloves (for protection from their claws!) bound them with ropes and nets for a helicopter ride to Anchorage. Though the rescue saved the cubs’ lives, it also made them look at ropes with a skeptical eye. The experience had surely bewildered them, but soon the love and joy of living became their focus. Their play-yard made up of kiddie-pools, sprinklers, and tire swings was a cub haven.

The female toddler soon earned herself a new name. As Lynne Seus puts it, she was a “buzz-bomb.” She never walked anywhere - she ran - all the while bumping into everything. This earned her the name Honey Bump. Honey Bump is an Alaskan Brown Bear, standing at over 6 feet and weighing in at nearly 600 pounds. If you took all the sweetness of a little girl, mixed it with everything you imagine to encompass the wilderness and made it into a Grizzly bear, you’d have Honey Bump. She is a contradiction in coyness and claws, one moment stealing your heart with her flirtatious eyes, the next giving her big brother Bart a smart left hook!

Honey Bump is best described as ‘pure poetry in motion.’ Her hobbies include terrorizing her brother, ballet, gymnastics, and nose-diving into her pool. Now thriving on Bear Mountain, Honey Bump brings a level of ferocity and predatory instinct her male counterparts cannot match. Fueled by protective instincts, Honey Bump displays her uncanny speed on Grizzly Heights. Her pursuit of our humans fuels their run through the Grizzly Heights obstacle course and up a 42-foot tree. Look for her narrow shoulders and low center of gravity as she sends the humans into a frenzied panic.

CREDIT: Lynne Seus