Jim Belushi pausing in the greenhouse


Jim Belushi pausing in the greenhouse

Photo by: Tyler Maddox

Tyler Maddox

Jim Belushi has spent decades carving an incredible career in the entertainment business as an actor, singer and dancer. Now he is taking his world to a new high as a legal cannabis farmer and owner of Belushi’s Farm in southern Oregon.

“This is much more than a business for me. I’ve seen the positive impact that cannabis has had in treating people from around the world,” said Belushi. “Everything grows in Growing Belushi. The Cannabis, the business, the family. And especially me. We almost called it Growing Pains!”

Having suffered the loss of his brother John to an overdose – as well as having experienced his own journey of learning and healing with cannabis – Jim has become an outspoken advocate for the positive medical benefits of cannabis including pain management and improving quality of life. He is also an advocate for cannabis reform, and is a board member of The Last Prisoner Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to repairing the past and continuing harms of the criminalization of cannabis through intervention, advocacy, and awareness.