As a child in Australia, the ocean shaped Luke Tipple’s life. Since then he’s pioneered out-of-the-cage diving with great white sharks, used technical, mixed-gas diving to find sawfish on a deadly shipwreck, tagged radioactive sharks 250ft deep in Bikini Atoll, and searched for Spanish treasure in the Caribbean. Tipple, a trained marine biologist, has also had his international conservation and policy work recognized for outstanding contribution by the Humane Society of the United States.

Now the host of Discovery Channel’s Nature Minute, over the last dozen years Luke has successfully planted his flag in the television space, hosting two major network survival game shows, multiple Shark Week documentaries on Discovery, as well as producing and hosting series for Travel channel and Snapchat. A passionate creative at heart he is equal parts scientist, adventurer and entertainer. Tipple also recently qualified for his private pilot license and enjoys flying his own aircraft.