Parker's gold mining career began at the age of 5 on his Grandpa John's Big Nugget Mine in Haines, Alaska.

At 18, Parker left home and moved up to the Klondike and leased ground from the legendary Tony Beets. A prodigy in his own right, Parker has mined a total of over $13 million dollars worth of gold by the age of 24.

Over the past three years Parker’s mining adventures have taken him all over the world -- from the historic Chilkoot Trail of the Klondike Gold Rush to Guyana and Papua New Guinea.

Now the 25- year-old miner is determined to expand his operation and find new ground that extends his season year-round. Following his gut and a few solid leads, Parker and his friends will make the 8000-mile journey to the vast terrains of Australia. Home to record-sized nuggets and the largest untapped gold reserves in the world, the team will embark on an adventure that could forever change Parker as a miner.


Find Out Where Parker is Heading Next on Parker's Trail

The quest for gold is never over when your name is Parker Schnabel.