Rick Ness posing in front of Durt Reynolds.


Rick Ness posing in front of Durt Reynolds.

Rick is a native of Michigan who grew up around heavy machinery at his Dad's construction business.

At college Rick was a football hotshot, but when a head injury ended his playing career he took up music, learning to play the upright bass. He formed a band called the .357 Stringband, released 3 albums and toured the world.

When Parker first hired him in season 3 of Gold Rush, Rick had never mined for gold before, but he quickly proved himself and became Parker's right hand man.

After rising through the ranks, Rick risked everything to set up his own claim and set a Gold Rush record for most gold hauled in by a rookie mine boss in his first year.

In his free time Rick loves motorcycles, muscle cars, working out in the gym and building his tattoo collection.